Google versus Uber Part Two

Photo: Getty (Waymo), AP (Uber). Illustration: Raphael Orlove

The court date for the trial between Waymo and Uber is now set for 2 October 2017. So much has happened since our last coverage of the story. We are once again joined by Leon Kaye, a business writer, and strategic communications specialist based in Fresno, California, to get an update, as we try to dissect the story further.

In this episode, we start by recapping on the status of the Waymo versus Uber case and get an update of what transpired since Episode four, when we last spoke to Mr. Kaye.

We then take a quick detour and discuss two American legal instruments, i.e. jury trial, and deposition. We enquire if it’s possible to get a technically competent jury of your peers, in a highly technical case such as the one between Waymo and Uber. One other US legal instrument I thought of getting some understanding on was the idea of deposition. Seeing that Uber has managed to depose Alphabet’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Larry Page, who is without a doubt one of the most influential people in the world today. What does deposing him mean and what bearing will this deposition have on Alphabet and its stock?

The trial is set to begin in October 2017, is it going to be a big media frenzy and spectacle, that has all of us glued to news feeds and timelines?

At the end of the conversation, we speak, about the future of Uber and its culture, beyond its former CEO, Travis Kalanick? We further discuss the sustainability of ride sharing businesses, and their current business model and pricing structure. I then pose a purely speculative question about the potential of Amazon acquiring Uber, since the company(Amazon) is now on a growth trajectory.

Thanks to Leon Kaye for always sharing his valuable insights and thoughts with us.

Puseletso Modimogale: From An Entrepreneur to Mentoring Other Entrepreneurs

Puseletso Modimogale and Sammy G on Discovery Desk With Sammy G.

The story of Ms. Puseletso Modimogale starts in the Free State province where she was born and continues in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where she spent her formative years. Raised as an entrepreneur from an early age by her grandmother, Modimogadi went on to become a business coach and a mentor to other entrepreneurs. She is indeed a leader of leaders, an entrepreneur par excellence.

Puseletso Modimogale at Mzansi Urban Radio Studios. Trained as a Somatologist, she is a firm believer that beauty starts from within, and that what others see as beauty is just a reflection of our true and inner beauty. Her caring passion goes back to her pre-teen years in Lesotho where she had to care for her aging grandmother.

Puseletso Modimogale’s journey to the top was not always rosy. Like all success stories, hers as well was a roller coaster, with severals ups and some downs. This episode of the Discovery Desk With Sammy G is dedicated to her triumph over all the adversities she faced as a budding entrepreneur to be where she is today, assisting other entrepreneurs to fulfill their own destinies.

This episode will not only motivate you but will propel you to give to others as well.


Wealth Craftsmanship with KLU Wealth and Legacy Management

Sammy G, Sheila Maluleka and Lesego Monareng

In this episode of The Discovery Desk With Sammy G, we meet two skilled wealth-crafters, who take us through their journey to wealth craftsmanship. During the journey, they also teach us how to build wealth. Sheila Maluleka and Lesego Monareng are overachievers who knew at an early age that they are destined for great things.

Together they form two-thirds of KLU Wealth and Legacy Management, a registered financial services company which provides advice on investments, retirement, estate and trusts, risk and employee benefits.


Sammy G, Sheila Maluleka, and Lesego Monareng

The biography of these two wealth management trendsetters.


Sheila Maluleka has been servicing the high net worth clients for over 15 years and has made great strides in the medical fraternity. Her greatest passion lies with client relationship management. She is a mother of two beautiful kids and a gym fanatic.

Lesego Monareng has had the privilege to service high net worth individuals from one of South Africa’s private banks in wealth management. Her ten years experience has led to expertise in investments and estate planning. A wife and proud mother of two young boys.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is episode 12 of the Discovery Desk with Sammy G.



Women In Leadership

Baitseng Rangata and Sammy G

Women in corporate leadership face a number of challenges. Those challenges range from gender discrimination, gender stereotyping to different pay grades for women doing the same work as their male counterparts.

In this edition of Discovery Desk With Sammy G, Sammy tackles this issue with one of the leading women in corporate South Africa, the Chief Executive of Maponya Attorneys – Ms. Baitseng Rangata, a practicing attorney who leads one of South Africa’s leading law firms.

About Baitseng Rangata (LLM, LLB, B. Proc)

Baitseng Rangata at Mzansi Urban Studios

Baitseng admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. She has been in practice for over 15 years. She has extensive knowledge on third party litigation, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Family law and General Civil Litigation


About Maponya Attorneys At Law

With a client portfolio of parastatals, municipalities, airports, financial institutions, mining giants and heads of state, Maponya Incorporated plays a key role in shaping South Africa’s economic and social development. It is one of the foremost black-owned law firms in South Africa and the company has been an essential part of the nation’s legal tapestry since 1995.

Maponya combines straightforward efficiency with the highest legal standards to help its clients navigate the often-intricate and complex details of our legal system. The firm’s advanced service delivery mechanism, innovative approach to technology, expert staff, and excellent track record has seen it win international recognition.

The company focuses on national, commercial, delictual, conveyancing law. Specialties include commercial litigation, administrative law, national legislation, mineral and mining law, public procurement, property law, industrial and employment relations, and competition law. Maponya engages in continued skills training and relationship-building with specialised legal counsel, local and international law firms.

More on Maponya Attorneys


Mduduzi Nhlapo A Revolutionary Artist

Sammy G and Mduduzi Nhlapo

Listen to the story of a young art revolutionary, detailing his journey from Winterveld, north of Pretoria to academic excellence and theatrical mastery. In this week’s episode [Episode 9] of the discovery desk with Sammy G, we speak to Mduduzi Nhlapo, a Theater practitioner, based in Tshwane and working from the State Theater in the capital city.

Sammy G and Mduduzi Nhlapo

Nhlapo who doubles as a part-time lecturer at both the University of Pretoria and Tshwane University of Technology is a masters student at the latter. He is passionate about the arts and is determined to bust the myth that says one can not “live off” the arts. So determine is he that,  although he excelled in Maths and Science in high school. He elected not to pursue an engineering qualification which many perceived as a way towards prosperity and success, and follow his heart’s desire.


This is an extensive conversation which spans politics, feminism and the arts and how this young yet radical artist fuses all of them in his life.

As always Sammy G helps us discover by providing a comfort zone for his guest and allow him to express his inner thoughts and matters close to his heart.

Enjoy Discovery Desk with Sammy G, Episode 9.

The business of Agro-Processing with Sammy Phalane

Sammy Phalane and Sammy Mmusi. Discovery Desk

In this episode of the discovery desk with Sammy G! Sammy G is joined in the studio by the founder and the managing director of Green-buds, Mr. Sammy Phalane. To talk all thing agro-processing.

Mr. Phalane is passionate about agro-processing and how to feed the nation. He takes us through his life journey from his village in Luka to his high school days and then his tertiary studies at the Tshwane University of Technology.

While he studied computer science, he is now a fulltime agricultural scientist and his focus is on feeding the people and empowering them for a better life.

This is a very insightful interview on the life and times of Sammy Phalane, it will inspire you, motivate you to follow your passion and find your purpose in life.

Hear more about what Green-buds is doing to help alleviate poverty and grow the rural economy, by helping youth in the villages of Rustenburg, in the North West to get into the agro-processing and be empowered for great adventures.

Human rights and the law

South Africa’s constitution is recognised as amongst the most progressive constitutions in the world. The bedrock of the South African constitution is the Bill of Rights. It enshrines the rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. In view of this, South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day on 21 March. This day holds great significance on our calendar, as the day in 1960, when 69 ordinary South Africans were gunned down by police, for peacefully protesting against apartheid pass laws.


In recognition of Human Rights Day, for this episode of the Thabo Mogaswa Report, we are talking human rights with Ms Lola Shyllon, Project Manager of Freedom of Expression and Access to Information Unit at the Centre for Human Rights, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria.


In our discussion with Ms Shyllon, we bring into focus what it means to have human rights and the responsible exercise thereof. In particular, we explore the right of access to information and the improvements that African governments are making to facilitate the meaningful realisation of this right.

The conversation also touches on the thorny subject of xenophobia, and the need for caution by public figures with regard to the utterances they make in the public space concerning foreigners in South Africa.

Electronic Assistants and Artificial Intelligence

From electronic personal assistants to home automation. Speech recognition is taking centre stage in how we interface with technology. Voice commands and prompts are now a major part of our day to day lives.

What is the technology behind voice recognition systems and what other applications can we use this technology for.

To help understand this issues better, we are joined on Skype by Sydney Butler.  Sydney Butler currently works as an instructional technologist at Unisa. His interests include (but are not limited to) Cyber-Psychology, eLearning, information technology, communication, digital business models, human-machine interaction, the philosophy of science and the social impact and aspects of technology.

In this discussion, we ask what is the technology behind voice recognition? what other things can we use this technology for? He, later on, speaks about Artificial Intelligence which is defined as the programming of a software to change itself.He said Intelligence is taking random information, finding a conclusion from that information than making a decision. We also find out what is the link between Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.



A mile in Judith Moralo’s shoes

Discovery desk, Today we discover Judith Moralo who is a wife, mother and a businesswoman among other things. Today she will walk a mile with us in her shoes, how she manages to juggle all these things when she like the rest of us has 24 hours in a day.

We answer the question who is Judith? She touches on her childhood growing up with a grandmother who was a herbalist. She had an interest in the business from as early as the age of 9. Holds a BTech degree in logistics.

Uber and Google at loggerheads over self driving Technology

It looks like self-driving cars are coming sooner than we expected. There are at least 5 companies that are most likely to bring self-driving cars, amongst them are Apple, Volvo, and Google. Google has invested massive amounts of money in self-driving cars. Google has a competitor that proves to be difficult to just push away Uber. Reports coming from the US indicate that Waymo has launched a suit against Uber, alleging that Uber is using its intellectual property stolen by one of the Google’s former employees.

In this episode, we are joined by Mr. Leon Kaye who is a business writer, strategic communication specialist based in California. In his opinion, unpacks for us what might have happened between these two companies. He says according to Google they had an engineer who downloaded their trade secrets mostly related to laser technology which in simple terms the way in which the self-driving cars will work.

When the engineer left Google he launched a start-up, which was later purchased by Uber.


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