Thabo Mogaswa Report

Fees must fall 2017 & ANC cliques

In this episode of the Thabo Mogaswa Report, we take a microscopic look at two issues currently in the national discourse. We speak to EFFSC media and communications officer Naledi Nokukhanya Chirwa on issues relating to free education. She still stands by the decision taken by students from October 2015 to say we want free education and we want it now. They as a student voice say NSFAS is not enough. She explains to us the ratio of 1 in 100 students who start together in grade 1 but only one actually makes it to tertiary graduation. She also touches on the language policy of the University of Pretoria on the #AfrikaansMustFallMovement that took place last year in 2016.

We also speak to Mr. Dumisani Hlophe who is a political analyst and speaks on the ANC’s ongoing challenges and problems. He focuses on how they could deal with their cliques which cause disunity, mistrust and organizational weaknesses as stated by the vice-president Cyril Ramaphosa. He explains to us the difference between a clique and faction and why he chooses to call what is happening in the ANC cliques and not factions. He analyses the situation deeper to tell us what in his professional opinion is the problem with the ruling party

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