From electronic personal assistants to home automation. Speech recognition is taking centre stage in how we interface with technology. Voice commands and prompts are now a major part of our day to day lives.

What is the technology behind voice recognition systems and what other applications can we use this technology for.

To help understand this issues better, we are joined on Skype by Sydney Butler.  Sydney Butler currently works as an instructional technologist at Unisa. His interests include (but are not limited to) Cyber-Psychology, eLearning, information technology, communication, digital business models, human-machine interaction, the philosophy of science and the social impact and aspects of technology.

In this discussion, we ask what is the technology behind voice recognition? what other things can we use this technology for? He, later on, speaks about Artificial Intelligence which is defined as the programming of a software to change itself.He said Intelligence is taking random information, finding a conclusion from that information than making a decision. We also find out what is the link between Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.