The story of Ms. Puseletso Modimogale starts in the Free State province where she was born and continues in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where she spent her formative years. Raised as an entrepreneur from an early age by her grandmother, Modimogadi went on to become a business coach and a mentor to other entrepreneurs. She is indeed a leader of leaders, an entrepreneur par excellence.

Puseletso Modimogale at Mzansi Urban Radio Studios. Trained as a Somatologist, she is a firm believer that beauty starts from within, and that what others see as beauty is just a reflection of our true and inner beauty. Her caring passion goes back to her pre-teen years in Lesotho where she had to care for her aging grandmother.

Puseletso Modimogale’s journey to the top was not always rosy. Like all success stories, hers as well was a roller coaster, with severals ups and some downs. This episode of the Discovery Desk With Sammy G is dedicated to her triumph over all the adversities she faced as a budding entrepreneur to be where she is today, assisting other entrepreneurs to fulfill their own destinies.

This episode will not only motivate you but will propel you to give to others as well.