In this episode of the discovery desk with Sammy G! Sammy G is joined in the studio by the founder and the managing director of Green-buds, Mr. Sammy Phalane. To talk all thing agro-processing.

Mr. Phalane is passionate about agro-processing and how to feed the nation. He takes us through his life journey from his village in Luka to his high school days and then his tertiary studies at the Tshwane University of Technology.

While he studied computer science, he is now a fulltime agricultural scientist and his focus is on feeding the people and empowering them for a better life.

This is a very insightful interview on the life and times of Sammy Phalane, it will inspire you, motivate you to follow your passion and find your purpose in life.

Hear more about what Green-buds is doing to help alleviate poverty and grow the rural economy, by helping youth in the villages of Rustenburg, in the North West to get into the agro-processing and be empowered for great adventures.