The Xenophobia Debate

The Thabo Mogaswa Report - Episode 4 2017


Xenophobia is defined by the free dictionary as fear, hatred, or mistrust of that which is foreign, especially strangers or people from different countries or cultures. In today’s episode of the Thabo Mogaswa Report, we take a few steps back, looking at events that took place on 24 February 2017 at the city of Tshwane, where local citizens protested against what they called illegal immigrants, who commit crimes in South Africa. The march and the protest were considered by many as an anti-foreign and Afrophobic.

Both the president and the minister of Home Affairs Mr Malusi Gigaba responded by saying South Africans are not xenophobic, how true is this statement from the South African government?

Two main question which we ask in this dialogue:

  1. What is Xenophobia? 
  2. Can we define what happened in Tshwane recently as xenophobic?

The one important question we ask is what really is Xenophobia, Can we define what happened recently as xenophobic?

In the studio today we have Mr JP Louw who is the Managing Director at Thero Group and executive chairperson of NGO called Building tomorrow foundation. He is a communication and behaviour specialist. We are also joined on the by Mr Marc Abeoussi a member of the African Diaspora Forum and the chairperson of Ivorian Community in South Africa.

In the second segment of the show, we engage with Mr Koketso Marishane, the deputy chairperson of  AAPI SA, on his organisation’s position regarding the recent xenophobic attacks.