It looks like self-driving cars are coming sooner than we expected. There are at least 5 companies that are most likely to bring self-driving cars, amongst them are Apple, Volvo, and Google. Google has invested massive amounts of money in self-driving cars. Google has a competitor that proves to be difficult to just push away Uber. Reports coming from the US indicate that Waymo has launched a suit against Uber, alleging that Uber is using its intellectual property stolen by one of the Google’s former employees.

In this episode, we are joined by Mr. Leon Kaye who is a business writer, strategic communication specialist based in California. In his opinion, unpacks for us what might have happened between these two companies. He says according to Google they had an engineer who downloaded their trade secrets mostly related to laser technology which in simple terms the way in which the self-driving cars will work.

When the engineer left Google he launched a start-up, which was later purchased by Uber.