Women in corporate leadership face a number of challenges. Those challenges range from gender discrimination, gender stereotyping to different pay grades for women doing the same work as their male counterparts.

In this edition of Discovery Desk With Sammy G, Sammy tackles this issue with one of the leading women in corporate South Africa, the Chief Executive of Maponya Attorneys – Ms. Baitseng Rangata, a practicing attorney who leads one of South Africa’s leading law firms.

About Baitseng Rangata (LLM, LLB, B. Proc)

Baitseng Rangata at Mzansi Urban Studios

Baitseng admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. She has been in practice for over 15 years. She has extensive knowledge on third party litigation, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Family law and General Civil Litigation


About Maponya Attorneys At Law

With a client portfolio of parastatals, municipalities, airports, financial institutions, mining giants and heads of state, Maponya Incorporated plays a key role in shaping South Africa’s economic and social development. It is one of the foremost black-owned law firms in South Africa and the company has been an essential part of the nation’s legal tapestry since 1995.

Maponya combines straightforward efficiency with the highest legal standards to help its clients navigate the often-intricate and complex details of our legal system. The firm’s advanced service delivery mechanism, innovative approach to technology, expert staff, and excellent track record has seen it win international recognition.

The company focuses on national, commercial, delictual, conveyancing law. Specialties include commercial litigation, administrative law, national legislation, mineral and mining law, public procurement, property law, industrial and employment relations, and competition law. Maponya engages in continued skills training and relationship-building with specialised legal counsel, local and international law firms.

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